This Pandemic year there was even more attention given to the joy and competition in college basketball.  Over the past three weeks several supposed “giants” fell, and some Cinderella teams made it farther than many expected. ​In the midst of the excitement, many prospective college students and their families were witness to the athletic abilities of those attending the entire spectrum of selectivity and opportunities within US colleges . . . Wichita State, Mount St. Mary’s, U of Connecticut, Iona, Texas Tech, Arkansas and Oral Roberts to name just a few.  

Just consider the Final Four:  Baylor (large private Christian research university), Gonzaga (medium sized Jesuit Catholic university), UCLA (top ranked and highly selective public research university) and the University of Houston (large public research university.)   All strong institutions, all offering exceptional programs.  All highly ranked by US News and World Report.

The question is . . . are Baylor or Gonzaga “better” institutions than they were in early February now that their basketball teams made it to the Finals?  Do either “fit” a student better?  Certainly there is excitement on campus, whether actual or virtual.  Certainly there are bragging rights to be expressed.  But “better”? 

There is a “brand” effect in college admissions.  Some of us remember when enrollment at women’s colleges increased dramatically when Mrs. Clinton became the First Lady, as she is an alumna of Wellesley.  Applications to Villanova also went up and have continued to grow, due to the quality and notoriety of the basketball program over time.

Students can expect increased competition for admission to Baylor next year, and increased attention given to UCLA, whose applications already increased 28% for Fall 2021 over Fall 2020. 

Athens Advisors celebrates on big game days, but our focus is always on the fit of the institution to the student . . . the overall fit.  Spirit and fun are a part of fit, but we council our students to consider their best learning environment, their best opportunities for majors, best opportunities for internships and co-ops, and also their best opportunities to graduate in four years with the confidence and knowledge to go into their chosen professions.  Better?  Decided on a Monday night?  We don’t believe so.

Class of 2024:  We hope your last weeks of the first year of your high school experience will go well.  Summer is approaching and we encourage you to think now about what you would like to do this Summer . . . and spending time with friends and family is certainly on the top of your agenda!

Class of 2023:  We know your academics ramped up a bit this year and will ramp up even more in your junior year.  By now you will have chosen your classes for next year, and we encourage you to think as well about your activities next year . . . trying something new?  taking on a leadership role on a team or in a club?  giving more of your time to service?
We’ll talk about your options!

Class of 2022:  Whew!  Your junior year is nearly over and finishing strong will be to your advantage!  Demonstrating interest with some colleges or universities is an important factor in admission, but also demonstrating interest ensures that you receive invitation to events, information on your academic and extra-curricular interests and scholarship opportunities.  Take some time, just a little! to access the websites of the colleges you are considering now and sign up for their mailing lists.  These usually are posted on the admissions pages.  If you are hoping to play at the intercollegiate level in college, so ahead to the athletics page and also complete the student athlete questionnaire. 

Class of 2021:  graduation is near!  You probably have mixed emotions . . . leaving high school where you know the system and have friends and supporters . . . leaving your family where you have love and support . . . entering into a new chapter of your life, to develop further into the person you are becoming.  Exciting and scary, yes.  But you are ready, and you have a wonderful Summer ahead of you.  Think about earning some money to help pay for your personal expenses! 

Athens Advisors is with you through all phases of your college exploration, application and decision processes.

We are celebrating the admission of our Class of 2021 to the following institutions:  ​Arizona State University
Belmont Abbey College
Boise State University
Brandeis University
California Polytechnic University San Luis Obispo
California State University – Chico
California State University – Humboldt
California State University – Sacramento
California State University – San Diego
California State University – San Jose
California State University – Sonoma
Case Western University
Chapman University
Clark University
Clarkson University
College of Wooster
Colorado State University
Cornell University
Dickinson College
Dominican University of California
Elon University
Emory University
Gonzaga University
Goucher College
Lawrence University
Lewis and Clark College
Loyola Marymount University
Marist College
Marquette University
McGill University
Michigan State University
Middlebury College
Montana State University
Oberlin College
Occidental College
Oregon State University
Portland University
Reed College
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Rochester Institute of Technology
Rhodes College
Santa Clara University
Sarah Lawrence University
Seattle University
Skidmore College
St. Mary’s University of California
St. Olaf College
Stevens Institute of Technology
Syracuse University
Trinity College (CT)
Union College
University of Arizona
University of California – Berkeley
University of California – Davis
University of California – Irvine
University of California – Merced
University of California – Riverside
University of California – San Diego
University of California – Santa Barbara
University of California – Santa Cruz
University of Cambridge
University of Colorado – Boulder
University of Denver
University of Edinburgh
University of Nevada Reno
University of Oregon
University of Puget Sound
University of Redlands
University of Rochester
University of San Diego
University of Southern California
University of Vermont
University of Washington
Washington State University
Western New England University
Westminster College (UT)
Wheaton College (MA)
Whitman College
Whittier College
Willamette University