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I'm a freshman. Is it too early to get started?
No, it’s not too early. We really consider the freshman year a great time to get acquainted and to start some basic planning. This is low stress and the cost for a freshman package is almost the same as for a sophomore. In some ways, it’s a time saver for both of us, so we price the package that way.
I'm a senior. Is it too late?
Not at all, but we are going to be running instead of walking. Depending on when you contact us, some options may be closed. Just contact us for a free consultation and we’ll let you know how we can best help you. Don’t be embarrassed, we actually see lots of seniors!
Our family is not wealthy. Can we afford your service?

This may be the biggest surprise of all. Much of our work pays for itself in the long run. For example, a 2014 study found that just 19 percent of public university students graduate in four years. Our students are focused and have a plan. The first criteria of their college choice is FIT.  They know if their college fits them, they will be successful.  They take that mentality into the university and tend to wander less than those who have not received strong counseling. Less time in school saves money. UC Davis estimates a 2018/19 student will spend $30,234 in a single year living off campus and $35,178 to live on campus. Students often switch schools due to mismatches.  Good counseling with students graduating in their chosen major helps them reach their professional goals. 

A very inexpensive option is attending one of our workshops. By sharing the attention with a group of other students, the cost per student is reduced. Our workshops typically last 3-5 hours of very detailed information and have ample opportunities to ask questions. 

Consider how much it would cost for a parent or two to take a student on a regional tour of colleges. Flights, hotels, a rental car and taking time off work to do the serious work of researching schools. Our tours may actually cost less than doing it yourself, plus your student will be with fellow like-minded students and counselors for a whole week. 

What are the expectations from the family?
We would like to meet the parents or guardian of the student at the initial consultation. We will discuss a variety of subjects ranging from school visits to financial planning for college. We’ll advise you on some of the key steps in the college planning, application and decision-making process. And we’ll note some of the things you need to budget for even during high school, such as test prep, testing, school visits, and applications.  We will keep you, the parents, informed as to the progress of your student throughout the process.
Why do you require a deposit for campus tours?
From past experience we’ve found it’s really the only way to get an accurate count for planning purposes. We keep the deposit low and it’s fully refundable if there aren’t enough students committed to attend a tour. 
What happens on a college tour?

We spend a lot of time together; typically four to six full days. Our college planning experts are with you throughout the week. We are together on a bus or van, eat meals together, and stay at the same hotel. That’s more time together than you’ll spend with your high school counselor in four years, most likely. We discuss the schools being visited, answer questions before and after the visit, and give you our best advice. Please take the opportunity to sit with us so we can get to know you better!

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