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Southern Californa Tour Highlights

On a rare wet Southern California week, students traveled over 1,000  miles, stayed in five hotels, visited eleven colleges, and still had time for fun at Downtown Disney and Universal City Walk. Spirits were high and the students learned about campus life, curriculum and activities at some great schools. 

College tour kids

Athens Advisors Sponsors 2023 USBOXLA Nationals

Congratulations to all the 2023 USBOXLA Nationals athletes who competed in the Athens Advisors-sponsored biggest US box lacrosse tournament of the year. It was an honor meeting the athletes and parents who believe in and make sacrifices for their student-athletes. Doug Locker and the Athens team will see you next year!

If we missed you, please don’t be shy. Reach out and say hi. We would love to stay in touch during the busy school year.


Choose With Confidence

We are one of the nation’s premier college tour firms. All our tours are led by seasoned college planning professionals who have a deep understanding of the schools and areas being visited. We do not compete with students’ existing advisors, but supplement their knowledge. Click on the link below to learn more.


Jumpstart Your College Search and Choice

We are recognized leaders in the profession of college counseling and have worked with high school and college students for over 40 years.  We teach future college admission counselors at UCLA and together we have over 100 combined years of expertise and leadership in every phase of college planning. 


Campus Tours

Our college planning peers trust us to lead their students on college tours as we guide them through an educational experience.


College Planning

Experience one-on-one sessions and with the family. Our customized planning services are simply unrivaled.



Register for an immersive and complete workshop as we dive in and explore the finer details of the college decision. 

College Tours

Pacific Northwest College Tour

What a trip! We lucked out in our fall 2022 college tour in the Pacific Northwest, as the sun was shining and the birds were chirping. Last October we visited the University of Oregon, Oregon State University, University of Washington, Seattle University, and Gonzaga University. Students on the tour were treated to a great breadth of schools with something for everyone and surprises for all. Three Athens Advisors counselors joined the students and were available for Q&A on the bus and at the hotel. 

Tour participants on the campus of Oregon State. Check out more photos of this tour on our Instagram @AthensAdvisors

College Tours

Boston Area Summer College Tour

Athens Advisors visited Boston area colleges last July. We kicked off the tour visiting Harvard and MIT on the first day, then visit Northeastern, Olin College of Engineering, Boston College, Providence College, Bryant University, College of the Holy Cross, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and finished at Tufts.

One of the best comments from a student attending was, “This trip was amazing. I learned about colleges that I never heard of before. I learned that it’s more important to go to a school that fits me rather than a big name.”  

Students on the campus of Harvard University. Photo by Joe Romano. Check out more photos of this tour on our Instagram @AthensAdvisors

 "Our sophomore went on this tour not knowing any of the other kids. This was his first experience with a tour like this. Before the tour, he was judging universities based on their logos. He started to enjoy the tour from the first day. He started texting me about universities he was excited about because of their locations, size and programs offered. He made new friends on the tour. Some from his school, and some from other schools. He talked about how much fun Doug and the tour bus driver were. Our son loved the tour!”


"It made me understand the value/importance of stepping physically onto campus. Before this I had no idea what college was like and how and what to look for when looking at colleges and I was able to walk away with colleges that I wanted to go to and not go to. I did not understand how important it was to visit the campus."


"Peggy Hock has advised all four of our children on their college choice. Our children are all very different in their interests, abilities and strengths and weaknesses. The oldest has graduated and is working in tech. We fully embrace Peggy’s approach of making them high achievers by finding a college where they can succeed, and feel comfortable and yet challenged. That is not always the most selective place. So far, so good. As Peggy says, it is all about fit. Peggy was always most professional in her interactions with us. We recommend Peggy and her approach without reservation."


"Athens Advisors understands each student is different. The service they offered was completely tailored to my son's personality, educational strengths, and desires for the future. From the in-person personality profile, to listening to my son's thoughts on school size, athletics etc., Athens Advisors spent a lot of time listening to my son before offering guidance. Because Athens Advisors is so in tune with the application timeline, my son was finished with his college application process when many of his friends were just beginning. It had been decades since I applied to college, so I didn't know where to start. For the parents and the student, Athens Advisors eliminated all the stress and challenges involved in navigating the college application process. To top it off, Athens Advisors hosted a very informative meeting regarding financial aid. My son's grades were slightly higher than average, but not great. Yet, thanks to the guidance of Athens Advisors, he was accepted to at least 5 desirable universities. If you're looking for a team that will make the college application process personal, professional, stress-free and successful, I'd highly recommend Athens Advisors."


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