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Learn more about how the college counselors at Athens Advisors can help jumpstart your college search experience.

Join Our Fall 2023 College Tour

We have a great Fall 2023 tour that is just three touring days visiting two schools each day. This is a perfect opportunity for seniors to visit a few more western schools, and for sophomores and juniors to either see how tours work or to add some options. This tour departs from SJC on October 11 and returns to SFO on October 14. 

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Campus Tours

Our college planning peers trust us to lead their students on college tours as we guide them through an educational experience.


College Planning

Experience one-on-one sessions and with the family. Our customized planning services are simply unrivaled.

Visiting colleges

COllege Preparation

College Workshops

Immersive and complete. We dive in and expect attendees to match our intensity. Those who do will find this is time worthwhile. Find out more.

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