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College Planning


Learning how to learn in classes, choosing friends with common interests, and exploring options in activities including the arts, athletics, service and technology are the most important things you can do to prepare for your future.  Finding joy in reading, computing, writing, analyzing, playing, building and participating will help you discover your interests.  The college selection process is years away and all sorts of changes in your own life and in college admissions will take place . . . focus on you and do the best you can!


Classes get a little more demanding, and opportunities to participate and lead in your activities present themselves.  On our part, we’ll be talking with you about those interests and how you see yourself in the future as we explore possible college majors and professions.  We’ll also be talking about how to make your Summer work to help you think about those opportunities, as well as help you plan your courses for your junior and senior year.


In many ways this year is the most important in our work with you:  your classes have become even more demanding and your opportunities within your activities expand into further leadership and understanding.  We’ll work with you on what you’ve learned about yourself and which characteristics are most important to you in your chosen college.  We’ll show you how to explore and research colleges that might fit you, and how and when you might visit those colleges or proxies in your area.  We’ll also advise you on suitable Summer activities, including college admission essay writing during your time away from school.  We can help, that’s what we do! 


All of your hard work and our work together will come together in August of your senior year.  We’ll finalize your college list and develop a calendar for getting the college applications and essays completed, uploaded and submitted!  As financial aid and scholarships are important factors for many families, the college list and financial aid applications will also represent those interests.  We support you every step of the way in reviewing applications and essays to ensure that you are presenting your authentic self.   In the Winter and Spring we help you review your offers of admission and scholarships and help you make the final decision.  Then it’s celebration time! 

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